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What are relevant examples of bankruptcy, perhaps of young people, that I can use to discuss with my students? (Standard 13: Bankruptcy)

The fastest growing group of people filing for bankruptcy are under 25*, so right there is a relevant fact you can use to get your students hooked. A story that might connect with your kids is Tommy Hilfiger and how he filed for bankruptcy at 25 and also a recent story of 26-year-old Nickelodeon Star Drake Bell filing for bankruptcy. And to reach all of your athletes, here is a slideshow of several athletes who went bankrupt on Fox Sports Online.
*Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

How can I get my students engaged in talking about retirement? They don’t event know what they want to be when they grow up! (Standard 6: Retirement)

Tell them they will be rich if they listen and act now! Planning now and thinking about retirement is what will make them a likely millionaire. Have them play with The Millionaire Calculator (this can go along with Standard 5: Saving and Investing too). Before they start playing with it, have a discussion on what age they think retirement happens. Usually students think “retirement is for old people that don’t have fun” and this is where the disconnect happens. After they play with the calculator they will probably see if they invest just a little bit each month now, they can be millionaires in their 40’s! If they plan and act now they can be free of the need to work and taking monthly beach vacations much sooner than their friends! Maybe set up some beach and vacation decor too for this lesson… that’s what retirement should be about!

I am looking for some information about Oklahoma State Taxes, what are some good links and resources?

The article posted below was recently published by the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

OK Taxes - 5 things that everyone should know about Oklahoma Taxes_Page_1


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