Standard 1: Earning an Income

  1. Using decision-making models, evaluate how career choices, educational/vocational preparation, skills, and entrepreneurship affect income and standard of living (e.g., postsecondary degree/ certification, needs versus wants, and the ability to live on less than you earn).
  2. Identify the components of a personal/family budget (e.g., income, savings/investments, taxes, emergency fund, expenses, and charitable giving) based on short, medium, and long term goals (e.g., financial, personal, educational, and career).

Student Guides and Resources

Making $en$e: Financial Success for Oklahoma Students – Oklahoma State Department of Education | view now

  • Module 1.1: Jobs vs Careers
  • Module 1.2: Income and Taxes
  • Module 1.3: Goal-setting
  • Module 1.4: Managing Your Income

Online Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Standard 1.1

Standard 1.2

  • The Basics of Saving and Budgeting – Econedlink | view now


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