Standard 10: Renting vs. Buying


  1. Compare the costs and benefits of renting versus buying a home.
  2. Explain the elements of a standard lease agreement (e.g., deposit, due date, grace period, late fees, and utilities).
  3. Explain the elements of a mortgage (e.g., down payment, escrow account, due date, late fees, and amortization table); types of lenders; and fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loans.

Online Lesson Plans and Curriculum

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  • Module 10.1: Housing Alternatives
  • Module 10.2: Leasing a Place to Live
  • Module 10.3: Buying a Place to Live


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Council for Economic Education Lessons

Financial Fitness for Life, Bringing Home the Gold, (9-12), Teacher Guide

  • Lesson 16 – Shopping for a Mortgage

Focus on Personal Decision Making

  • Lesson 11 – Housing: Deciding to Rent or Buy.

Your Credit Count Challenge

  • Section 4 – A Roof Over Your Head


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